It disclosed the secret destruction of ancient turtles

Canadian researchers found that the ancient turtle that lived in what is now the Canadian province of 71 million years ago, extinct not because of the colder climate, as previously thought, but because of the withdrawal of groundwater.
Ancient turtles died due to the drying of the soil / AP
Previously, scientists have found that in Alberta in the late Cretaceous period lived many different turtles that have died during this period.

"It was a time of great change for Alberta, marshes disappeared with the retreat of the sea, the climate became colder," - said the author of Annie Quinn of the University of Calgary.

Until now, scientists have attributed the extinction of the turtles in the area with the cooling of the climate. Scientists led by Quinn investigated the composition of the soil layers in the region and found that coal-rich soil that formed in the presence of large amounts of water were replaced with dry, poor coal layers.

The climate at the time did not change, remaining warm and moist, cold came later - just outside the tiers. This fossil suggests that it was draining soil ruined ancient turtles.


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