About one hundred kilograms of meteorite Chelyabinsk gathered locals

Russian scientists believe that about 100 kilograms of debris falling on Urals meteorite could muster residents of the Chelyabinsk region.
Local people gathered about 100 kg of Chelyabinsk car - scientists / Reuters
According to an employee of the Ural Federal University Viktor Grochowski, by the scientists were able to collect no more than 6 kilograms of wreckage of the car.

"Today is the official scientific circles about six kilograms of collected material. According to our estimates, the population is collected up to 100 kilograms, "- said Grokhovsky.

The scientist also noted that at the bottom of the lake may be other large fragments of a celestial body. Currently, the laboratory of the Ural University kept the largest of the wreckage found a weight of 1, 8 kilograms.

Previously, scientists who examined the lake Chebarkul, came to the conclusion that it is really the bottom may be large fragments of a meteorite that fell on February 15 but their removal may be delayed until next winter.


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