Dwelling in the age of 9 thousand years have found a meteorite fragment

The stone, found during excavations in Poland, could be used in shamanic rituals, according to archaeologists.

The Institute of archaeology and Ethnology, Polish Academy of Sciences have discovered a meteorite fragment during excavations in Bolkow, on the shore of lake Swidwie. The find was made in the home by age of 9 thousand years.

The pyrite meteorite fragment has a nearly cylindrical shape. Surface finds uneven. The height of the fragment is 8 cm, width – 5.3 cm at the base and 3.5 at the top.

The meteorite was brought in the home as a special object, "not of this world", said the head of research Professor Tadeusz Galinski. In his opinion, people should have been familiar with stones of local origin. A fragment of a meteorite could have religious significance and may have been used in shamanic rituals, says the Professor. He notes that this is the first such find in the history of archaeology.

The finding was surprisingly heavy, says Tadeusz Galinski. "In addition, the outlines [of the meteorite] in a lateral projection cause different associations; found him thousands of years ago might have seen in it images of the mysterious world of spirits," added the Professor.

An unusual find was accompanied by numerous tools made of flint, wood, bone and horn. Many artifacts associated with the spiritual culture: an amulet, bone spear with carved ornament, the so-called "magic wand" made from deer antler and decorated with geometric motifs.

In addition to the residues of the poles of the dwelling in which he found a fragment of the meteorite, archaeologists discovered another similar structure. In the heart of both dwellings are traces of hearths. The facilities are open in the peat layer.

Excavations in Bolków continue for several years. A fragment of a meteorite found last year, but only now, thanks to special research, scientists were able to determine its origin.

The source: PAP – Science and Scholarship in Poland

Source: nkj.ru


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