Salvation turtles (20 pics + text)

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Today we will talk about the man, whom I sincerely and deeply respect. The man who threw the immediate selfish interests and devoted his life to save the world. Not abstract salvation, which argue for political and military oak cabinet doors, sitting in a chair made of genuine leather and dropping grandiloquent phrases about the fate of mankind.

And to this day after day, year after year cultivating your own little world, in the land where he was to be born. Without seeking fame or fortune, success or popularity, but simply doing their job. Just because someone has to do it. Otherwise, the world perish, and not save Bruce Willis has no or Spiderman, or even the United States. Meet - Bolong, the founder and sole employee of a turtle nursery at Gili Meno.

This homemade booth set next to the nursery.

"I Bolong, has created this nursery to protect sea turtles and their future. Many on Gili Meno say I'm crazy because I spend 35 thousand rupees a day to feed them. I collect their eggs and turtles grow up to 8 months of age, and then release them. The number of turtles on Gili Meno declined sharply due to natural predators and human intervention in the environment. We must protect the turtles that in the future they lived on these islands. Please help me to save sea turtles on the islands of Gili any amount of money or fish, otherwise the day will come when I can afford to feed them only rice.
Bolong »

And so, briefly and clearly, he called to participate everyone who cares about what will happen to our planet. That's how people with no education, who lives on the brink of poverty, think about the people who will live after us. That's how one of the same age of the dinosaurs, the view over 150 million years, the surviving hundreds of natural disasters - glaciation warming, the division of the continents - on the brink of extinction due to the "reasonableness" of human intervention. Bolong repeatedly appealed to the authorities, but they are always full of much more serious problems. Said the local office of WWF, but those are probably busy global salvation, and they have no time and extra money is always there where to attach. As a result, the nursery lives donations and income from tourists excursions uncomplicated Bolong.

And - the world is not without good people - sometimes help local fishermen catch.

Our acquaintance took place in a very exciting time - is born a new litter of sea turtles. I accidentally (by chance it?) Passed, and I was invited to observe the process.

Bolong (left) carefully digs clutch. Today - exactly 2 months from the day he laid it, and that means it's time to be born a new offspring. Here there are the first kids.

Waking up at once, they first surprise squinting into the light, moving sluggishly tiny flippers. Bolong photographs offspring.

Here it is, a newborn baby, still covered in sand and with the remainder of the umbilical cord. New cherepashachya unit.

And his brothers (or sisters).

Hatched turtles are placed in a makeshift cage. Here they are - 43 new life.

Soon their transplanted into a bath with sea water to 8 months to release into the sea when they are already strong enough to protect itself from natural predators.

They will look like this. Why not a chicken?

These turtles have almost reached "dembelskogo" age - two weeks later they released to float freely. Often this procedure Bolong attracts tourists for a small donation, anyone can own in a sea turtle release.

And this kid just 2 weeks, and it needs special care.

In addition to feeding every two hours from sunrise to sunset and a daily change of water in the pool, and the necessary hygienic procedures.

Bolong daily polishes them back with a toothbrush, or on the shell is formed unwholesome organic coating - standing water in the pool.

What caused the disappearance of a species? Here is the text information leaflets nursery, with selective free translation.

One of the reasons - global warming. Another - "improvement" beaches where turtles are used to doing masonry. The first enemy of sea turtles - a man. They are hunted for their meat (not one of us "eat turtle soup dreamed»? ©). A green sea turtle is called - a soup. Another delicacy - turtle eggs - often just dug fresh masonry, not allowing to be born offspring. Turtle oil is used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Shells go to jewelry and souvenirs. They fall in fishing nets and are often killed, confusing household garbage with food - plastic products block the esophagus and airways, and amphibian die.

Bolong very offended when I asked him if he does not sell turtles may zoos or hotel or eschekuda. "No, I do not sell turtles!" - "So why did you do that?" - "For the sake of the future" - he said briefly.

At the end of the leaflets Bolong resulting calculations of the project to expand its nursery and leads bank account number for donations. Because he believes - the world is not without good people.



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