Nursery turtles on the island of Gili (19 photos)

Today there will be the person I am sincerely and deeply respect. The man who threw the short-term selfish interests and devoted his life to the salvation of the world. Not abstract salvation, and to the present, day after day, year after year cultivating your own little world, in the land where he was to be born. Not looking for fame or fortune, success or popularity, but simply doing their job. Meet - Bolong, creator tortoise nursery on Gili Meno.

This homemade booth set next to the nursery.

"I Bolong, created the nursery to protect sea turtles and their future. Many in Gili Meno say that I am crazy because I spend 35 thousand rupees a day to feed them. I collect their eggs and turtles grow up to 8 months of age, and then releasing them. The number of turtles on Gili Meno declined sharply due to natural predators and human interference in the environment. We need to protect turtles, that in the future they lived on these islands. Please help me save the sea turtles on the islands of Gili any amount of money or fish, otherwise the day will come when I can afford to feed them only rice.
Bolong »

So, briefly and clearly he encourages all to participate who are not indifferent to what will happen to our planet. That's how people without education, who lives on the brink of poverty, think about the people who will live after us. That's another of the same age of dinosaurs, type older than 150 million years, the surviving hundreds of natural disasters - glaciers, warming the division of the continents - on the brink of extinction because of the "reasonableness" of human intervention. Bolong has repeatedly appealed to the authorities, but they are always full of much more serious problems. Said the local office WWF, but they are probably busy global salvation, and they have no time, and the extra money is always there where to attach. As a result, the nursery living donations and income from tourists excursions uncomplicated Bolong.

And - the world is not without good people - sometimes help local fishermen's catch.

Our meeting took place at a very exciting time - is born a new litter of sea turtles. I accidentally (by chance it?) Passed, and I was invited to observe the process.


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