Mauritius. A paradise

Mauritius - an amazing place. For sufficiently small area, residents are lucky to get almost paradisiacal conditions, with constant heat, white beaches and turquoise water. Many would kill for something to spend my life in this paradise. Of course on the island is not all perfect, and a lot of problems of economic and social character hiding under a colorful wrapper. But while Mauritius is on a par with the Seychelles and the Maldives - that of white sandy beaches and surreal beauty of the reef. What is a tropical paradise? Let us examine the bones and placed on shelves:


The economy of the island paradise of the agricultural sector, led by sugar cane, and of course tourism. From sugar cane sugar and rum do. The island has a lot of fruit plantations - pineapples, bananas, palm salad - eat there almost all)

1. Small rum factory. Now he works only for tourists. Tasting 5 types of rum and liqueurs 3 is very light activity))

2. Pineapple Plantation

3. Znamenty Mauritian salad of palm stem - very strange but tasty dish.


Most of the population of Mauritius - Indians - around 70%. They have their own festivals, temples, attitude to life. The streets of the island's capital, Port Louis, decorated old posters of Indian films. Yes, and of the feeling that now begin the songs and search for relatives in the best traditions of Bollywood.
about 20% - the Creoles, and 3% - Chinese, which I saw only in the capital

5. The Indians are very friendly, I never forbade me nobody take pictures, always with a smile and helped to communicate.


Major religions in Mauritius: Hinduism (48%), Catholicism (23, 6%), other branches of Christianity (8, 6%), Islam (16, 6%). About 0, 4% of the population officially recognize themselves as atheists. The island has many Catholic churches, almost near the village of supply as there is a small Christian cemetery, right on the ocean ...

6. holy lake with a Hindu temple. The left is the 50-meter high statue of Shiva

7. Residents of Mauritius suffer a mild form of megalomania - 50 meter statue of the god seen from afar

Mavrkiya residents speak French, English and Creole. In practice, it turns out a wild mixture fringlish - English with a French accent, which can not always understand.


In the course of the Mauritian rupee. The course of the Russian ruble - almost one to one, to the dollar - 30 rupees per dollar. Money - colored candy wrappers, mainly zatёrtye up holes. Coins soon for a tick, the change only once issued a trifle.

Asphalt island made me a very good impression. Living in the country, in which only two normal route, it was very unusual to ride on a smooth, almost glass top. But of course not without its flaws. Almost all of them are so narrow that in some areas there are traffic lights that regulate the traffic on one lane. But where two-way traffic, two lane, novice drivers will be hard to dodge a speeding bus or truck.
Marks on the road is made by the British model, not all of it was understandable, frankly)
I forgot to say that the movement in the country the left. I'm on arrival traditionally wanted to sit in the car to the right of the driver, but saw a wheel))

9. The narrow road goes through a huge banyan tree. Trouble local roads - the lack of footpaths. Pedestrians walk there just creepy. After passing bus you can easily end up in the gutter ...

RHD cars, with it all makes - from Mercedes and BMW to Ford. I surprised by the variety. The island is very popular cars of two types - pick - there is a workhorse, and mini. Small cars often can be found on the steep roads of Mauritius. And most rental offer mini and micro.


In a word paradise. The average winter temperature is about 25 degrees. Heat, of course) on the island a bunch of exotic plants, banyan, coconut and date palms, an abundance of fruit trees. According to a local, you can have almost everything.

11. Coconut. They say the island the majority of accidents occur due to coconuts that fell on his head

Here the fauna on the island of misfortune. When the Dutch (first settlers) began to colonize the island, they not only destroyed the legendary dodo bird, but the roots were cut local turtles. Their population was just huge ...
Mauritius live bats, including bat dog. One of them during the night shooting almost forced to turn gray. I expected to see crowds of monkeys, but just met a couple.

12. Near the tourist crowds ran a brazen monkey, hoping to steal something))

But the birds on the island of great variety, berdvocheram is where to turn. The park Black River live green parrot, to see which unfortunately failed.

13. Shamarelsky Falls - which is already pokaolenie he inherited ...

Ocean stsuko dangerous. That's the only way I can express my admiration) island is surrounded by reef, not giving high waves chosen to shore. Near the coast is simply unreal turquoise, crystal clear water ... A wave breaking over the reef ...
But the ocean is fraught with a bunch of dangers. For example, fish-stone - which is disguised as a rock. Should it occur, and a deadly poison injected immediately. Or Portuguese ship, the touch which causes burns and terrible pain. Well, the sea snake - which led me to see, and were lucky not to come. Thank God, there are no sharks in such quantity as to neighboring Reunion.

14. Sulyak Ocean near the village, where the band is broken
rifoya c6f2106bcc.jpg

On a small island a high concentration of natural and historical interests. In this regard, he reminded me of Crimea. A bunch of waterfalls, picturesque canyons, reefs, mountains - all are countless. The trick is that almost all of the local wonders are on private land. The state owns only the beaches and roads. 7 Even the famous sands - is someone's property.

15. 7 sands, sands or 7 Coloured Earth - almost the main attraction of Mauritius. Multi-colored sands are located in the crater of the volcano

The island - a paradise for all water activities - kite, wind surfing, scuba diving - there just may be off in full. The southern part of the island - a place where almost constantly blowing strong winds. There is constantly hanging out all sorts of aquatic adrenaline freaks, including kiters. What does a significant portion of them - the locals who revsnostno monitor traffic on the water, and not always a positive attitude towards visitors kiters.
Actually thanks to kite-surfing and I was on the island. Kite Jam Festival brought together the best kiteboarders and surfers from around the world. Peter Tyushkevich Jason Polyakov, Evgeny Novozheev, Keahi de Aboitiz - global stars in the water just worked wonders.
Sometimes the water is simply impossible to watch, so brightly it was from kites.

16. Legend windsurfing - Jason Polyakov


Mauritius - an island for those who possess solid capital, but at the same time enjoy outdoor activities. Paradise for kiters, divers and water adrenaline maniacs. Wishing exotic is better to go to India - the island is completely European, 300 years under the wing of France and England have done their job. But wishing to actively relax, play golf on the ocean, dive with dolphins - a direct route to the island. In Mauritius, many Russian, and hardly any of them wants to home))






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