10 perfect place to start a new life. These paradises.

Probably everyone in life there are moments when I want to quit their usual environment and start a new life in some unknown place. Decide upon as a desperate act only the bravest people. The rest, or are afraid to change the usual course of life, or the fear of huge material costs associated with the move. In this incredible collection tells about ten beautiful places where life could be called cheap. Tourists there are extremely rare, and in some, and the locals are very few. If you have long wanted to change the habitat, or just dreaming of a quiet and inexpensive vacation - it chooses. Each of these corners of paradise in its own way.

1. India, Goa, Agonda Beach

This fabulous location right on the beach, you can take a ride on an elephant! To remove a small cottage by the sea will cost $ 120 per month. Tourists are almost there, but there are many temples and places for yoga. What else do you need for happiness?

2. Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo

A small town on the Black Sea coast. Beautiful, both in France and the prices are quite reasonable. The monthly cost of renting an apartment - $ 200.

3. Vietnam, Ho Coc Beach

11 hectares of tropical forests, the best place for diving and no tourists. The cost of housing about $ 150-200 per month. A suitable option for those who are not afraid to communicate with the local population.

4. Albania, CCAY Beach

Great place for those who prefer to spend time quietly. Accommodation can be rented for 100-120 dollars a month. Nearby is the National Park. The Mediterranean climate, an abundance of seafood, tangerines and other fruits give a sense of the heavenly pleasure.

5. Chile Las Trankas

On these slopes in South America you can ski all year round. To pay for housing with the need to be $ 300 a month. A wonderful place for those who love the cold season.

6. Cook Islands, Avarua

Beaches on these tropical islands is not worse than the Maldives or the Seychelles. But tourists are much smaller and the cost of housing only 130 dollars a month.

7. Czech Republic, Cesky Krumlov

This fairy-tale town, like a medieval castle. The cobbled streets, Renaissance Fair, unique festival of roses - all this captivates everyone who once appeared here. The monthly rental price of housing - $ 400.

8. Cambodia, Koh Tonsai

At this point very quickly forget about civilization. Solid wild beaches and jungle. The locals are very small. Remove the bungalows there can be almost a penny. It is a real heavenly place for daring adventurers.

9. Mexico, Guanajuato

It developed culturally city that is in the middle of Mexico. 150-200 dollars a month it is possible to remove elegant accommodations. In the story "next in line" Ray Bradbury we are talking about these places.

10. Panama, Pearl Islands

This is one of the most beautiful places on our planet. That's where the shooting took place three seasons of the series "Lost." For $ 300 a month you can rent a great house on the beach. Once on the islands pearl, and now it's a good place for a self-imposed exile.

When looking at these pictures you realize how long already want to be away from the bustling city, and other benefits of civilization. Reasonable prices, fresh air, fabulous views of paradise towns beckon accurately magnet. In my next vacation I'm sure I will visit at least one of them. If you, too, came to mind this collection of beautiful and inexpensive corners of our planet, be sure to share this material with your friends on social networks.

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