Vertu has become a burden for Nokia

Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia smartphones, and can get rid of the division of luxury phones Vertu. The company wants to focus on the sales of smartphones under its own brand name on the operating system Windows Phone, abandoning the business side. Official reports of the beginning of any negotiation is not in itself Nokia does not comment on rumors. On the situation in the luxury division of Nokia, little is known, but there is a suspicion that everything is not okay. According to expert estimates the estimated revenues of 200-300 mln. Euros per year. The company's share is constantly decreasing: since it became possible to acquire the diamond version of the iPhone or devices on Google Android, the place for Vertu became less. According to analysts, a brand like Vertu, may redeem any of it's not very well-known Chinese companies. Electronic stuffing the Chinese are able to provide, but with a reputation for the design and they have big problems.


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