In London, they found a mass grave of plague victims

In London, the laying of tracks for high-speed trains was discovered burial of victims of the bubonic plague of the XIV century.
Charterhouse Square is located in the central part of modern London /
Thirteen skeletons were found in the 5, 5-meter mine during excavations in the area of ​​Charterhouse Square. Discovered nearby pottery dated to the middle of the XIV century - beginning of the period of the epidemic of "Black Death" in England.

Experts expect that this finding could not only tell us more about the catastrophic epidemic that killed hundreds of thousands of people, but also reveal some of the mysteries of the Middle Ages.

Charterhouse Square, where the excavations took place, is located in the central part of modern London, but in the XIV century this area was outside the "Old Town" and was considered "no man's land».

Experts previously suspected that this may be part of the mass graves, but until now the exact location was unknown.
Found builders

The large-scale project to build a network of railway lines express Crossrail covers a large part of the city. Building pathways conducted not only on the surface, but also underground, so the coordinators have to consult with the archaeologists.

As the remains were laid out neatly in two rows, archaeologists believe that the burial ground was excavated in the early stages of a pandemic, raging in Europe in the 1347-53 biennium.
Subsequently, the epidemic has repeatedly returned to Britain, but a much higher mortality rate forced the authorities to throw bodies into mass graves.


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