The dog had swallowed 109 stones while walking 03/14/2013

After a long walk on the beach the day before this event, a Labrador named Barney seemed quite cheerful, but then his mood changed abruptly.
When his mistress Mrs. Vullard brought him to the vet, and they made him an X-ray, the result was shocking.


X-rays showed that his stomach was Barney scored lots of sea pebbles after a walk along the sea. Of the 109 rocks that are found veterinarians, 79 remained in the abdomen, and 30 came naturally. In carrying out his hand on the stomach of the dog could even actually hear them knocking.

To release the dog from such an unusual burden doctors did surgery to remove stones. Luckily, Barney was a full recovery after surgery. But veterinarians also found that by eating rocks, dog hurt his teeth, and needs further treatment front zubov.Po According to the owner, when Barney was a puppy, he often swallowed a variety of items, but they all came out naturally and is not bothered by it. < br />



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