What we just do not swallow

That only those who do not pull in the mouth as a small present to you 14 of the most interesting cases.

Dentures. An incredible thing happened to one woman: the unfortunate managed to swallow her lover false teeth during a prolonged kiss. According to the victim, beloved experimented with a "particularly passionate kisses." Fortunately, surgery was not required - teeth left the body in a natural way.

Tapeworms. Do you think that no one in their right mind and memory do not dare to swallow disgusting and extremely dangerous worm? Mistaken. Men and women of many countries completely voluntarily ingested tapeworms and calmly allowed them to settle in their own intestines. Why, you ask? For weight loss! "Tapeworm diet" involves first eating contaminated beef worm larvae, and then, after a certain period of time, the adoption of tablets that kill the worm, entrenched in the body.

Waybill crown. Seven year old boy was rushed to a nearby hospital after he accidentally swallowed a decorative crown - jewelry for the teeth, which his mother shortly before he bought at a flea market. After the initial examination, doctors found the victim, that the crown can come out of the body naturally.

Money. The Frenchman managed to swallow some 350 coins and many other metal objects, including needles. After inspection it turned out that the mass of ingested objects in the stomach at the accident was about 6 kg. For urgent surgery did not help: in 12 days the victim died in hospital from complications. It later emerged that he was not the first time admitted to the hospital with one and the same diagnosis: metallic objects in the stomach.

Cockroach and fork. A resident of Israel accidentally swallowed a cockroach who literally jumped straight into her mouth when she was busy washing the floor in his own house. The woman tried to get rid of an insect with a fork, but load swallowing reflex, and after she swallowed a cockroach and fork. Cutlery located just across the stomach, resting sharp edges in the wall. Had to do laparoscopic surgery. Cockroach, apparently safely digest.

Toothbrush. Twenty years into the girl swallowed toothbrush, trying to clean up the far wall of their own language. Foreign object removed through the esophagus using forceps with double clamp.


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