Engineers learned to charge mobiles water

More precisely, the water should fill the new device, which is able to supply power for any portable electronics in the open field, day and night, because it does not depend on the outlets or sunlight. Innovations like the military, athletes and travelers. MyFC Swedish company and an American company SiGNa Chemistry, working together, have created a new portable charger - PowerTrekk.

At the heart of priborchiki - a tiny fuel cell (this is, in fact, there is specialization myFC). Hydrogen for it produces a small cartridge PowerPukk technology mobile-H2 (from SiGNa). A by-product of the generator - just water vapor.
The cartridge contains sodium silicide powder, which produces H2 by reaction with water. It may be any, including salt and not too clear. One has only to pour a tablespoon of liquid into the hole in the cartridge and insert the cartridge into the device, as the device starts to supply current.
Engineers learned to charge mobiles water
The device is available in packages of green, red and yellow. The overall dimensions are 66 x 128 x 42 millimeters (photos SiGNa Chemistry, myFC).

This technology is, by the way, we have examined in detail when talking about electric bicycles, running on the water. It was created in the past year without the involvement of all of the same SiGNa Chemistry.
Now there is a whole range of different-sized cartridges from SiGNa. "They are suitable for use with fuel cell power from 1 watt to 3 kilowatts," - says the company in a press release.
PowerTrekk also contains a buffer Lithium-ion battery (capacity 1600 milliamp-hours at a voltage of 3, 7 volts), collecting energy from the fuel cell and is given to an external device needs to be charged.
The battery that can be recharged from the mains, and that expands the range of applications PowerTrekk. A powder cartridge, with the support of a full battery can fully charge two handheld or 15 players.
At the same time, thanks to built-in battery, drain disk with silicide can be changed without interrupting the flow of electricity. A useful way out here, by the way, is 5 volts and 1,000 milliamps.
Reactions occurring inside the cartridge is completely safe - says SiGNa Chemistry. Prior to the activation of the cartridge may remain on the shelf for more than two years without any damage to its properties (photo SiGNa Chemistry).
Partners PowerTrekk presented in Barcelona at the congress on mobile devices (Mobile World Congress), held in late February.


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