You don't know that the battery in the phone and the laptop needs to be charged so

It turns out that many of us charging phones and laptops incorrectly! We used to think that the phone should fully discharge, to give him off, and then charge to 100%. This view is mistaken. It is these actions actually ruin the battery. Now we will explain to you what it is.

More recently, widely used Nickel batteries. And Yes, these batteries needed to be discharged to zero. As a result, many remember this rule and use it for batteries of all types.

But modern lithium-ion batteries do not have "memory", according to the standard serve only 2-3 years. And only we can make them lasts as long as possible. We offer you 5 secrets that will prolong the battery life of smartphones, laptops, etc.

1. Charge the battery regularly

Devices with lithium-ion battery cannot be discharged completely. You can greatly extend the battery life, if you will regularly put to recharge your gadgets.

Manufacturers expect the service life of such batteries, a number of full charge cycles (0%). For example, high-quality batteries – 400-600 cycles. In the following table you can see the data that confirm that the battery is better to charge every time the battery percent to 10-20%.

The calculation principle is simple, if your phone is about 20% depth of discharge of 80%.

2. When the battery is charged, turn off charging

Li-ion batteries no need to charge to 100%. They will last longer if your gadget will always be charged at 40-80 %. If the battery is charged 100%, it should be time to unplug, as this factor will affect battery life.

3. Once in 3 months fully discharge and charge the battery to 100%

Experts recommend every 3 months to fully discharge and charge the battery, keeping it charging for 8-12 hours. This method helps you to calibrate the device. After multiple small chargers battery life can go in the incorrect mode.

4. Use the original charger

In most cases the charger built directly into mobile devices, and external network adapters only reduce the voltage and rectifies current mains, i.e. not have a direct impact on the battery. But some gadgets, among which digital camera do not have built-in charger: batteries charged in the external charger. In this case, the use of non-original or low-quality "charger" can have a negative effect on the service life of the battery.

5. Avoid overheating

With regard to the dependence of the charge loss of the battery temperature, should be taken into account that higher temperatures adversely affects lifetime of battery. Protect the device from overheating and as little as possible, place the laptop in a warm time of year on my knees, don't expose your mobile device to direct sunlight or leave it near sources of heat. Li-ion batteries the maximum permissible temperature of use ranging from -40°C to +50°C. published


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