"Hybrid" Mobile Communications

Much of the territory of the Republic of Dagestan is not covered by mobile communication. The reason is simple - a lot of mountains, valleys (besides, it happens, mobile tower for some reason explode). In remote villages, so there is no connection. But to have a mobile phone - prestigious, so even in remote corners of many residents of the tube there.
Use them this way: all those who need to communicate - with relatives in other villages, or on business, - a certain time write SMS. Then passes through the village a special trusted man on horse, and collects all these mobile in one bag.
The man then goes down the gorge, going through the valleys and plateaus, long rides - and arrives to a place where mobile communications is already there. And sits on the mound, lights. A mobile phone in a bag "see the network" and start beeping, ringing, grunt - send SMS-ki.
A man sits on a knoll on, continue to smoke, looking at white light. In the meantime, come for an hour response SMS-ki from relatives, friends and business partners. In the bag again rings, pishit, grunts, rustles, shimmers. And when the noise dies down, this person again sits on the horse and returned to the mountains. Because he - responsible, respectable person, he will not lose cell phones, and he will not be lost, not zabryakaetsya somewhere to friends Kizilyurt not go on a spree, well and generally make such a serious matter as it should be.
Well, and then in the evening the man gets to the village and distributes mobile phones to their respective owners. This is how a hybrid works mobile communications


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