Businessman Klyukin fly into space with DiCaprio

Russian businessman Vasily Klyukin fly into space with Leonardo DiCaprio. Journey to the suborbital spaceship company Virgin Galactic with the American film actor businessman "won" at an auction in Cannes. Flight into space with the star was put up for charity auction organized by the American Foundation for AIDS Research (AmfAR). Name celebrities have agreed to participate in the project, it became known only directly at the event. Trading on the flight began with 1 million euros. Klyukin bought lot for € 1, 2 million. When will the flight, not yet reported. We only know that the Hollywood actor and businessman waiting for a three-day training course in New Mexico in the near future. Also leading auction actress Sharon Stone assured DiCaprio and Klyukina that they will be among the first thousand people who will be able to go into a space tourist flights. In addition to space flight, the auction were exhibited jewelry, the opportunity to star in a movie, concert tickets Simon Le Bon and John Taylor (Duran Duran). Another item that is purchased Klyukin - this gold necklace with diamonds for € 400 thousand. Total auction raised € 25 million, more than twice last year's amount (€ 11 million). Basil Klyukin - Tridtsatisemiletny Russian businessman living in Monaco. Klyukin when he got a "ticket" to the spacecraft, said he always dreamed to fly into space and that "now, then certainly he would have just quit." Secular columnist Bozena Rynska Klyukina describes as "a young man smiling", "young so early - the banker, who in his time successfully came to the cache."


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