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Good news came from overseas. Someone Jim Rogers say that fairly well-known financial analyst, informed that the near future (ie time span of thirty years or so) promises welfare and prosperity of farmers.
And what is Ukraine? Well, what we do not tire of repeating from TV screens and newspaper pages. That's right, a huge farm. Considerably, however, launched, but still.
So there is a chance, gentlemen, still there. As in other ways why something does not work.
In the analysis by Mr. Rogers, in truth, there are some kinks, call softly, inconsistencies, but who among us is perfect? He's got all pile up - and soon a total deficit of food, and campaigning for the cultivation of GMOs (say, they are the future and it is a very well - progress and all that). And if, say, the Ukrainian government will help farmers, soon they will go to the "Lamborghini". Who exactly, though did not elaborate. But as the government and so can ride them, then we are talking about farmers. Now at least I know where to invest has meaning. The main thing - do not run across government dorgogu. And then there pyramid schemes already banned. It's clear - the state monopoly can not be broken.
So let's do a decent road, dear. And then, you know, to go there will be no opportunity.
Or maybe, well, it, this stuff Italian? Maybe something in our reality easier to just buy helicopters? Solve two problems at once - and the roads do not have to fool, and will support domestic producers. Helicopters until, like, produce.


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