Happy birthday, Albert! 03/14/2013

Albert Einstein (German. Albert Einstein, the IAF [albɐt aɪ̯nʃtaɪ̯n]; March 14, 1879, Ulm, Wurttemberg, Germany - April 18, 1955, in Princeton, New Jersey, USA) - theoretical physicist, one of the founders of modern theoretical physics Nobel Prize in Physics 1921, public activist and humanist. He lived in Germany (1879-1893, 1914-1933), Switzerland (1893-1914) and the US (1933-1955). Honorary Doctor of about 20 leading universities of the world, member of many academies of science, including a foreign honorary member of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1926).
Einstein - the author of over 300 scientific papers on physics, as well as about 150 books and articles on the history and philosophy of science, journalism, and others. He has developed several important physical theories:
Special Theory of Relativity (1905).
Within its framework - the law relating mass and energy :.
General relativity (1907-1916).
Quantum theory of the photoelectric effect.
Quantum theory of heat capacity.
Quantum Bose - Einstein.


Statistical theory of Brownian motion, laid the foundations of the theory of fluctuations.
The theory of stimulated emission.
The theory of scattering of light by thermodynamic fluctuations in srede



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