How to unleash the power of the brain — 77 tips

1. Solve riddles and puzzles.

2. Develop Ambidextrous (dopravoprojekt, the ability to be equally proficient in right and left hand). Try to brush your teeth, comb your hair, manipulate a computer mouse to your non-dominant hand. Write with both hands at the same time. Change hands while eating while using a knife and fork.

3. Work with ambiguity, uncertainty. Learn to enjoy things like paradoxes.

4. Learn mind maps.

5. Block one or more senses. Eat blindfolded, plug on time ears with tampons, take a shower with your eyes closed.

6. Develop a comparative sense of taste. Learn to fully feel, to savor foods, chocolate, cheese and anything else.

7. Look for the area of intersection between at first sight unrelated things.

8. Learn to use keyboards with different key layout (learn to touch-type).

9. Invent new ways to use for normal subjects. How many different ways can you come up with, for example, for nail? Ten? STO?

10. Change your habitual representations to the contrary.

11. Learn techniques of creativity development.

12. Don't stop at the obvious, move mentally beyond the first, the "correct" answer to the question.

13. Change the established order of things. Ask yourself the question "what if?.."


15. Turn paintings, photographs upside down.

16. Develop critical thinking skills. Refute common misconceptions.

17. Learn logic. Solve logic puzzles.

18. Learn the scientific way of thinking.

19. Draw draw automatically. You don't need to be an artist.

20. Think positive thoughts.

21. Take some kind of art – sculpture, painting, music – or challenge yourself in any other work.

22. Learn the art of juggling, develop dexterity.

23. Eat foods good for the brain.

24. Strive to constantly experience a slight feeling of hunger.

25. Exercise!

26. Sit up straight.

27. Drink plenty of water.

28. Breathe deeply.

29. Laugh!

30. Diversify activities. Choose for yourself a hobby.

31. Take care of good sleep.

32. Practice short sleep.

33. Listen to the music (not that anyhow, please note!).

34. Declare war their tendency to delay, procrastination.

35. Limit your use of technology.

36. Study materials for the study of the brain.

37. Change your clothing. Go barefoot.

38. Improve your conversations with yourself.

39. Become easier!

40. Play chess or other Board games.

41. Play games for the mind – Sudoku, crossword puzzles and countless other games it offers.

42. Be direct as children!

43. Play video games.

44. To develop a sense of humor! Write or create a joke.

45. Make a List of 100 (approx. technique for generating ideas, discovering hidden problems or decision-making).

46. Use the Quota of Ideas (Idea Quota) ( approx.: method of preparation for the day of the preliminary list of ideas).

47. Consider every idea that comes to you. Make a Bank of ideas.

48. Let your ideas develop. Go back to each of them after a certain period of time.

49. Do a "thematic surveillance". Try, for example, to note the red objects as often as possible during the day. Celebrate the car brand specific. Choose a theme and focus on that.

50. Keep a diary.

51. Learn foreign languages.

52. Eat in different restaurants – preference to national restaurants.

53. Study computer programming.

54. Read the long words on the contrary.! EyeColor

55. Change your environment – change the location of items, furniture, move somewhere else.

56. Write! Write stories, poetry, start a blog.

57. Learn the language of symbols.

58. Learn the art of playing on musical instruments.

59. Visit museums.

60. Study the functioning of the brain.

61. Learn the techniques of dynamic reading.

62. Determine your learning style.

63. Learn the method of determining days of the week for any date!

64. Try feels to evaluate intervals.

65. "An approximate calculation". What is more – leaves in the forests of the Amazon or of neural connections in the brain? (reply)

66. Make friends with math. Fight with the "inability to count".

67. Build Memory Palaces.

68. Learn the system of figurative thinking for the development of memory.

69. Have sex (Sorry, no comments here!).

70. Remember people's names.

71. Meditate. Train your concentration of attention and a complete lack of thoughts.

72. Watch movies of different genres.

73. Give up TV.

74. Learn to concentrate.

75. Be in touch with nature.

76. Mentally solve math problems.

77. Refrain from haste. published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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