Senseless acts

Open the refrigerator, and look close.

View time on mobile and immediately forget it.

Look into the subway tunnel, waiting for the train, though by this he will come.

When the microwave beeps once again, say, "I know, I know!"

Get dressed to go out of the apartment, go to my computer, droop a little more in the boots and hat, then have to leave.

Go to the store to buy sugar, and eventually return with a bunch of bullshit, but without sugar.

Read the hundredth time, the inscription on the air freshener to kill time.

Tyrkat the call button to the elevator came quickly.

Put the keys in his pocket, not to forget, and then look for a long time.

Allocate cursor text that reads.

Press harder on the buttons on the TV remote when the batteries sit in it.

Talk with the GPS, if very bad mood - rude to him or insult him.

Enter the social network every 15 minutes.

Lean to one side his whole body when take turns

Bypass the cracks on the pavement.



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