Lake Seliger

Somewhere between Moscow and St. Petersburg was lost one of the most beautiful places in Russia under the name of Lake Seliger. By the way, this unique body of water is located in two regions (the Tver and Novgorod). The first thing to note greatness Seliger, it is no wonder it is listed in the top twenty largest Russian lakes. Extends its water surface area of ​​more than two hundred and fifty square kilometers.

Lake Seliger can also be called deep enough, because its average depth is about six meters, and the maximum - as many as twenty-four meters. This lake was formed many years ago, and it is near the place where originates Volga. The whole territory of the lake is dotted with many small islands.

Lake Seliger and its surroundings have chosen hunters and, of course, the fishermen. So it turns out, the average vacationer there is nothing to do, in addition to hunting and fishing? The answer is clearly negative, because here you can explore the local attractions, try diving, windsurfing and even a parachute jump.

Seliger beauty attracts tourists not only during the warmer months, but in winter. Indeed, to celebrate New Year or other holidays in this atmosphere, strolling through the local open spaces or riding on a motorcycle - is something that not enough residents of large cities. Here on Lake Seliger, you feel at one with nature, you feel '' grit 'in a huge whirlpool of our world.

Some travelers come here with your own car, others - Bicycle fans, others prefer riding. There are those active and enterprising, who manage to combine all kinds of exciting pastime.

By the way, Seliger regularly ply various passenger ships. Here in Ostashkov, even its own river station there. Another advantage of the holiday on Lake Seliger is a well-developed infrastructure. Although it all depends on your wishes, someone mile favorite tent, and someone can not do without the comfortable living conditions.

Most recreation on Lake Seliger equipped, as they say, with the latest technology, from satellite television to karaoke.


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