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Pearl of Russian nature - Lake Seliger is located in the center of Russia, between Moscow and St. Petersburg, among the forest hills of the Valdai Hills 360 km north-west of Moscow on Volokolamsk highway or Leningrad.

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The first mention of Seliger found in Russian chronicles of XII - XIII centuries. At the time, the lake was part of Novgorod busiest routes. So far there is no consensus about where the lake got its name. The most common are two versions. In accordance with the first, "Seliger" - a word that came from the Finnish language and means "clear lake". But another view is more traditional - a word of Mongolian origin and means "the moon on the earth».

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Summer at the Lake Seliger warm, sunny. Rains brought by generally southwest wind, called by locals "mokrikom", usually of short duration. The water in the lake warms up quickly. Its temperature in June, 20 C, and in July and early August it rises to + 22C.

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Many islands and scenic shores washed by the waters of this beautiful lake. On the largest island chain Khachin stretch inland lakes interconnected by narrow channels. Each lake is distinguished by its unique charm, and bestowing peace, plunges into the natural beauty of these places.

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In 1974 he became the Republican Seliger resort. Anything that attracts many tourists and holiday-makers: the beauty of the area, clean air, pine forests, the special composition of the water (from sapropel, t. E. Lake silt) - has great value. In perfect conditions of the local lakes for swimming, lots of natural fine sand beaches. Because of the hilly terrain and it is a great winter resort.

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To come to Seliger's very simple. In the evening at the Leningrad station of the capital necessary to get on the train Moscow - Ostashkov, who at seven o'clock in the morning will bring you to the lake. In the morning, here comes the train from Leningrad. One after the other during the day buses go from Moscow and Kalinin. Those who have a car - it even easier: six hours away from Leningrad, four - from Moscow, two - by Kalinin.

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People often ask when it is best to go to Seliger? It depends on what you like. Rest on Seliger interesting at any time of the year. Seliger summer well on the beaches under the warm sun, at the quiet water. This season tanning, swimming, boat trip. Seliger well in the autumn woods. This is the most elegant, beautiful time to Seliger. It is time gold colors, transparent silence, mushrooms and berries.

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In winter, the snowy slopes of camp sites - expanse for skiers. Fascinating ski trips that can be made on the frozen lake, the same places where the summer are water routes. In light frost is good to go to the rink. Good fly the white coats in a sleigh pulled by horses.

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In the spring, at the time of the bright sun, the first heat there is nothing better than to sit on the ice with a fishing rod. Winter and spring - time ice fishing, the richest and luckiest fishing. Good in spring forest listening to the birds singing, thawed wander through, admiring the first flowers.

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What can I wish visitors to Seliger? Of course, we must see the main stretches of the lake. To visit the source of the Volga. Walk the Upper Volga lakes. View Nilov deserts and Shirkov churchyard. Learn not only the Seliger, but also its surroundings.

photo - Nil Deserts

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Amazingly beautiful this place on Lake Seliger. Like the legendary city of Kitezh, rising out of the water structure of the once-famous Nilovo Stolbensky desert. Now many buildings of the monastery dressed in scaffolding: is the restoration of the ensemble.
The monastery was founded in the XVI century. Look it was formed during the XVII-XIX centuries.

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The monastery - the whole city is composed of buildings of different purposes: there are residential buildings and hardware, huge quarters for the monastery and the monks, the monastery hotel, numerous barns, cellars, forges, ship repair workshops, stable yard and an orchard. The monastery is surrounded by a high stone wall with towers at the walls of the desert along the coast is divided shady park.

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Nilov deserts

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Pile bridge Nilov Pustyn

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Seliger - one of the most beautiful places in Russia. It can not be doubted. But as long as you do not there will visit and see mirror water surface, illuminated by the setting sun, quiet, quiet evening, not breathe the sweet, filled with the scent of grass, the air does not wander between the islands and islets, passing from the reach Pleso - for you it will be Only words!

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