New, innovative design of the screw from the Outlaw Fasteners breaks all the centuries-old foundations

Not so long ago, in late 2013 on the kickstarter appeared проект innovative design of the screw. The project has collected $ 109,926 from the $ 100,000 target.

What it represents a unique new development, and what it will bring convenience for themselves?

Actually has a structure of hexagonal recesses, which contribute to the guaranteed screwdriving into the body of the subject without disruption or cross head.

Helps, thanks to UniGrip ™ bits hold the screw without magnetization, which increases the efficiency and speed of work on an industrial scale.

A bit of all sizes

 The truth here is the price for pre-order strongly bites - $ 28.95 per 5lbs weight screws put into the box + 1 bits. Make small payments - 5lbs = 2, 268 kg for ~ 1000 r.

I wonder if anyone encroach from Russian companies to develop new products in the country? Provided that the creators of the patented it in 27 countries, but here's a list of countries did not provide.



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