A modular home assembled in just one day

Marina Rubin Architect designed cottage Quarry in Princeton, New Jersey, USA. The modern residence is situated in the center, just a five minute walk to Princeton University, a public library, the train station, as well as a number of shops and restaurants. At the same time, it is organically entered in a traditional setting, and all thanks to the exterior facade, provided horizontal siding like sosedey.

The main difference of the project, however, is not its appearance, and relatively low cost and short deadlines. The fact that the modular house was built about a month, and assembled on site for one day! Moreover, the mansion was awarded the gold standard system of certification of "green" buildings LEED. This proves once again that modern technology can not only give us a comfortable living conditions, but also to do it in style, fast, and most importantly safe for the environment sredy.

Source: mirfactov.com/


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