Russian did a brilliant job!

Open Letter to the American bobsledder:
Russian did a brilliant job! I admire them.
The text of the letter in the post American bobsledder Dallas Robinson in an open letter Courier Journal suggested to stop looking for the negative at the Olympics in Sochi and focus on the good.
"Bobsleigh Team USA arrived in Sochi, one of the earliest. So we first experienced various problems, whether it is food in the cafe, a strange smell in the room or door covering the people in the bathrooms. I got more than a dozen messages with articles from newspapers, which refers to the security problems, the terrible living conditions that kill stray dogs. And I thought it was time to share his views.
When we landed at the airport in Sochi, quickly noticed that the circle over a kilometer every 50 meters placed armed guards. It was both exciting and scary. Outside the Olympic Village you can see the police or military at every corner.
When we arrived at the village, the security measures seemed too strict: barbed wire, 10-meter high fences. Need to go through countless checkpoints, all certificates are scanned, and only then allowed to enter the Olympic Village.
As a soldier, I could speak at length about security measures, but I will not. Here's what you need to know: security, police and military are very disciplined and organized. You can tell they have a mission: to protect athletes and fans at all costs. I feel completely safe in the Olympic village and sports facilities, and even when we just walked around the city.
Believe me, we have studied in this city, try to go to places where they could not ... these guys are really very good.
Hundreds, if not thousands of Russian, with whom we have met were incredibly happy, excited, ready to help and very friendly. If you are stopped on the street for more than a minute, you must come out to volunteer and in broken English asks not whether assistance is needed.
I come from Kentucky, and the people there are friendly. But I'll tell you something - the people of Kentucky and not remotely be compared with those who live in Sochi. Russian - the most hospitable people, from all that I've ever seen. I admire them.
The games room is always about 15 volunteers, offering you water, tea or coffee. They even show us on the phones, where they live and ask us to show where we live ourselves. Last night I was playing with the familiar center of Canada. So she immediately met with one of the volunteers, he showed her different focuses, and they laughed and chatted like old friends.
After we went to McDonald's. It's amazing how proud they were to give us American food, are proud to work at the restaurant 12-hour shift! I would be happy to dine in a McDonald's in America!
I am sure you have heard that there are deficiencies in Sochi. I was in a year ago, and believe me, this is heaven and earth. I researched so many public and private buildings as he could. By accessing the attic of the building, in some basements and even on the construction site. Yes, I'm a little mischievous, but I've heard the same things that you do. That nothing has been done!
Still in Sochi not all completed. Hotels, bridges, it was built in the past two years. There are three times more buildings as compared with what happened in the past February. And they plan to continue to develop the city to make a thriving sports resort.
No one is left without a spacious room (much more than in Vancouver), good beds, heating and water, that's for sure. I do not know why, here and there, there's some unfinished things. May have overestimated the size of the construction and decided to switch from the Olympic Village to the more important objects?
We need to focus on those amazing things that Russia has made to arrange these Olympic Games. On all the amazing Russian and foreign volunteers, on security, military and workers, and see what they have sacrificed to make such a major sporting event. I think we all see the good in ourselves and in others that live here ยป.




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