The most dirty things

Toilet habitually perceived by all as something very dirty. And it is quite true. Even very clean in appearance (and smell) the toilet is actually a refuge for the giant number of various bacteria and viruses, which, together with all the other stand out from the human body and to get rid of them can only be conducted full-scale and very expensive special antibacterial and antiviral treatment.
But bacteria, viruses and parasites eggs of different, and which are the most dangerous and, unfortunately, almost invisible to the naked eye dirt can accumulate not only in the toilet.

Ice - is the same water. If the water is dirty, then the ice will be the same. Unfortunately, many restaurants did not attach importance to this fact. A study in the US study showed that 70% offered in restaurants ice contains more bacteria than the toilet water. A very sad situation, since most viruses and bacteria is very good tolerate a little frost.

Tables in public institutions
The number of bacteria on the surface of conventional office tables almost 400 times more than in the toilet.

Regular contact with your fingers and a porous material leads to the fact that all sorts of buttons very quickly accumulates and is constantly present in almost 200 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.

Mobile phones
Approximately the same trouble with the surfaces of mobile phones. There bacteria accumulates up to 10 times greater than on the toilet. Save only that if one person uses the telephone, the entire flora growing on his mobile phone, more or less synchronized with the bacteria that live on the skin of the host. Attach the phone to the ear a stranger - it's like that pressed his face - will not say what.

The restaurant's menu
Card menu is constantly passed from hand to hand, and it is, of course, no one does not wash. So very quickly, it acquires a load of bacteria, which is 100 times higher than the dressing.

Chopping boards
Boards are in contact with raw meat and vegetables, which are always a lot of bacteria. In addition the material from which they are made, with more difficult to clean. The only way to "bring hygiene" - often changing the very board.

Porous surfaces any carpet - a perfect storage of all kinds of bacteria, dust mites and dead skin particles. Conventional carpet square centimeter, usually carries a 4000 times more bacteria than the same area of ​​the toilet bowl.

Reusable bags
As the microscope, these subjects many times dirtier than the dirtiest laundry.

Poole remote
This thing is often dirtier than a mobile phone, which in turn is 10 times dirtier than the toilet.

Door handles
Of course, this is just a hotbed of bacteria, because the handles everything is constantly taken his hands, thus adding all the new portions of the bacteria, as well as particles of sebum, the skin itself, and all that can only be on hand wound purity.

Most of them are much dirtier than the toilet.

The sink in the kitchen
Terms and conditions for the accumulation and multiplication of bacteria are common, so it is just a little gape as their numbers rapidly higher than in the toilet.

The dirtiest place in the bathroom - is the area around the drain. It accumulates and resides a huge amount of bacteria.

The abundance of loose material, but still a constant "feeding" dead skin cells, sweat, fat, and the bacteria that live on the skin leads to the fact that the pillows very quickly divorced not only the hordes of bacteria and dust mites and microscopic mold.

The same is true for the mattress. If it is not changed for several years, then it will inevitably zavedutsya dust mites. The naked eye can not see them, neither seek, living people they are not interested - they feed exclusively on dead skin particles accumulated in the mattress. But the result of their life can be not only prolonged sneezing, and asthma attacks and more severe allergic reactions.

Plastic bowls
Within a few months of use under the rims of bowls accumulate more bacteria than a toilet seat lid.

Money, as is well known, does not smell. But bacteria on them can be even greater than what they do not smell.

Shower heads
It would seem that this should be one of the cleanest places in the bathroom. But no. The inside of the shower head very quickly turns into a real incubator for a variety of microorganisms.

Of course, the bags, which are such leaders in pollution as money, cell phones, keys and other little thing that constantly passes into the hands of the RUG, simply can not maintain its cleanliness.

Kitchen sponge
The porous surface of the sponge provides good conditions for the bacteria so that they do not affect the population of cleaners that are sometimes applied to the surface of the sponge. As a result, the sponge is fast becoming a much dirtier than the toilet.

After reading all the terrible results of microbiological studies, many are wondering: what does it wish to be saved from all these necessary in everyday life things that are actually dirtier than the toilet? The answer, oddly enough, is very simple - just to observe basic rules of hygiene. After all, a clean and healthy human skin itself is very successful "maintain order", and reserves the right exactly as certain bacteria, as is necessary in order to continue to be healthy.



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