Gymnasium with their hands

Yes, you heard right! The guys did a herculean job to the old room shone with new colors and turned into a real gym. On all about all they have left one month and three weeks of work for 14-16 hours a day. Well, how can you not remember the famous saying "The eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing." Attention! Under the cut a large number of photographs. We decided with a friend start a business, from concept to start its implementation took approximately 9 months. Most of the four of us we made a friend of mine and I have two salaried employee, attracting intense moments additional two or three people

Suitable premises to find the city of St. Petersburg is almost impossible, in search took 3 months and this is what we saw when we first went into it. At that time, we have watched a few rooms and, despite the devastation that reigned in it, this room was the most suitable.

Beginning of work. Plan room, started installation of openings, that is struck two passes, made formwork for the foundation for the shower, covered with mastic, and fell asleep to broken brick clear from grafted. Many will wonder why do such a high pedestal for the soul, in anticipation of this answer, the nearest sewer tie-in 7 meters had to drag along the top.

After working a bit in the next shower, wait until the landlord clear the debris from the main room, we started the primary task, namely, to the future of the field. Difference in the area was 15 cm, we decided to reduce it by removing the protruded portion. Rented 2 bump stop and go. Not without accidents, tile fragment remained in his hand could not pull out. Observe the safety instructions!

The landlord did not say much in a hurry to clean up your trash, had to suspend work in the room and re-engage in the shower and changing rooms. Electricity and lit the lamp hung, plastered large hole, and began to build a wall dividing the room in half. Room size of 1300 square meters, we took half that's actually why the wall.

Everything all debris has been removed, the wall completed, install beacons wherever necessary. I have to say the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinstalling, these are the beacons was bad, it was reflected in the fact that at the time of filling some of them went out of his seat, leaving some places the waves were. I foresee a question about the availability of wire mesh, or rather its absence. Pour a solution of Fiber to the M300. The feed solution is 12 meters high with a concrete pump mixer mixer for a total of 26 cubes. Photos are there but we visited the "valiant" GAIshneki 10k.Tak result minus the guys we have not experienced in a company where we have got a solution, we were told that the concrete pump hose, we may well be dragged together, the five of us it was very hard.

Fill a shower and changing rooms was carried out independently by means of portable cement mixer. With the concrete mixer had a bunch of problems. We bought it in a certain construction hypermarket on the letter M, at first we were not reported to the casing, which keeps the engine had to go pick it up, it turned out that the engine is not running, slipped burned, and did not want to change. I had a very serious quarrel.

The next step until the solution allowed to stand, close the battery plywood boards, sawing and drilling. When you are finished with plywood, we rented Mosaic polishing machine and shlifanuli floor, car broke down twice, in general, the technique we had bad luck throughout the work. While the floor is polished, hung lights, first bought the wrong lamps, they gave a yellow light, very unpleasant.

It's time to wash the windows, the one more song. After washing the windows start to paint. Fasten the plywood on a plaster wall in order that the individual would be especially strong individuals do not have broken it themselves well, or strike the ball. Divide the wall of the locker room to get a two. Again beautiful. Brought sports linoleum and the first batch of rovnitelya.

Primary filling rovnitelem revealed many shortcomings, it was decided to pour another layer, alas, was very upset and did not do the photos. The first match in his field.

In the meantime, we were driven by a second party rovnitelya, build a wall closet, do plumbing. Put the tile. Building a crate for panels. We hang boilers with boilers reinsured two completely unnecessary.

Fill the second layer rovnitelya, a great thing, a hall of 600 square meters in 3 hours. It turned out perfect. In an hour you can walk, and a day to operate. The next day took a disc sander she too broke, alas, there is no photo.

Specially trained people to come and spread a sports linoleum and caused markup. While they are working day and night, we have to finish the changing rooms and showers, paint laid panel install plumbing put the door lay linoleum. Yes plumbing crooked, turned, I confess.

How to hang pictures on the ceiling grid there were in terrible time trouble, the opening was postponed for a week and still did not have time, do not sleep for three days, it was like a zombie.

Well, that's all. Last time before the event I plowed only in the army.




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