Japanese method against laziness "Kaizen" or the principle of 1 minute.

"From Monday begin a new life, I will be going to the gym, do yoga, do self-massage, rock press ..." - each of us periodically sets itself some goals and reach them, transferred to the next month, a few months to a year . Is it because this is what we want right away, and many plans piled on us a heavy burden, not giving up making even a tiny little bit.

Sometimes we eagerly begin to execute his plan, but having been occupied, for example, 3 times a week in the gym for a few hours, throwing classes for a long time. Why is this happening? Because the load is large, because bored, and the habit has not been developed.

Kaydzen technique or principle of one minute

There is a Japanese technique "kaydzen", which is the principle of "one minute". The principle of this technique is that the person is engaged in a specific case for exactly one minute, but from day to day and in the same time. One minute of time - it is quite small, and therefore easily doable for anyone. Laziness does not stand on your way. The same steps that you did not want to perform for half an hour, coming up with excuses or justification, you can easily perform a minute.

Jump rope, push press, do exercises for the eyes, practice yoga, read a book in a foreign language - when time is limited to one minute, classes do not seem to you difficult and the other way around, bring joy and satisfaction. And making small steps, you cultivate and achieve great results.

It is also important that you win uncertainty in the forces, freed from guilt and helplessness, feel success and victory. Inspired by a sense of success, you will gradually increase to five-minute minute sessions and so on. Then he'll come quietly and half-hour lessons. Progress is being made!

Kaizen originated in Japan. The word is a compound, and includes the other two - "kai" (change) and "Zen" (wisdom). The author of this concept is the management Masaaki Imai. He believes that kaizen - a real philosophy that can be applied equally well in business and personal life.

Japanese people of Western culture technique may seem inefficient, as in the West to popular belief that without a lot of effort not achieve good results. But large-scale programs, consuming a lot of energy, can break a man and were unsuccessful. A principle of "kaydzen" fits all and can be applied to many areas of life. The Japanese, for example, use a strategy of gradual and continuous improvement in management.

It remains only to determine your needs and begin to use the method "kaydzen" in practice.


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