12 tips on how to become an optimist:

1. Thinking important
It is important to think positive, believe in yourself and your strength. If you really have the desire to do what you do, sincerely believe in yourself, only then you will succeed.

2. Do not allow others to interfere in your life
Not all people think like you, your friends or relatives can give you advice that you will sow in question. Listen to your heart, and not the other.

3. Do not pretend and do not wear masks
Be honest with yourself and with others. It is always highly valued, even when people do not recognize this publicly.

4. Believe in the goodness
Every person has positive and negative qualities, which you prefer to notice? Notice the dignity of the people around you and sincerely praise them through time, you will notice that people become better and kinder, and you do nothing cost.

5. Be prepared for difficulties
An optimistic outlook on life does not guarantee that your life will become easy and simple, but it ensures that you easily overcome all difficulties. Anything that does not kill us makes us stronger, right?

6. Take the failures and mistakes
Does not exist in the world of a man who would never refused or did not disappoint. All our failures and small victories - a huge brick wall, which is our success. Success does not happen without failure. Learn from your mistakes and failures, because a negative experience - the same experience.

7. Strive to be a valuable person
Einstein once said: "It is important, not what man has made, and what he can give to others. Therein lies the true value. Strive to be a valuable man, and not man successful ยป.

8. Motivation is all
Positive thinking is useless without true motivation. You have to live for something and have the motivation to achieve this goal.

9. Positive thinking is not enough
In addition to positive thinking like the people around you, be grateful for what you have, and often smile openly and honestly.

10. There is no silver lining
This is one of the main slogans of the optimist. Optimist, even in a bad situation for themselves looking for something positive. Practice and you'll get. Start with small problems at work or at home. Think about the situation and find something positive in it.

11. An integrated approach
If you combine optimism with self-improvement, you will get more benefit in mind to improve the health, appearance, skills and some personal qualities.

12. Habit be optimistic
Make a habit of perceiving life through the prism of optimism. A habit is known, it becomes second nature.


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