Louis Vuitton Fall-Winter 2013-2014

Marc Jacobs is able to work with the space. In the time before last, he turned the podium at the railway platform, which arrived a real train, and on the last show - in a shopping center with several rows of descending down the escalators. This time the scene of the show became a luxury hotel in the style of the 20's - or rather, its long corridor with many doors, each of which hides its own special secret. Just as each of the models, running out of the door into the hallway and beating him in a circle, returning back.

As to the collection itself as Suzy Menkes wrote in his review for the International Herald Tribune, this collection of Marc Jacobs was "exercise┬╗.

The idea is as old as the world. Beautiful, successful and strong women work hard, go mad from loneliness and meet the ladies' man in the rooms of luxury hotels. Or, conversely, to die of boredom, waiting for their husbands to work and, as a consequence, give birth to a secret affair. Remember the movie Billy Wilder's "Love in the Afternoon", where Gary Cooper met with his Passy in the morning in the hotel rooms "Ritz"? So, here - all the same, just as the main character is a woman - a luxury that knows his own worth.

Image of a woman implicated in ill novel, Mark Jacobs turned out. Short black wigs, bright, as if to kiss her lips, slightly smeared makeup, pedicure mandatory calling black - that looks like "poor rich girl" performed by Marc Jacobs. She - "strong weak girl" gets into a love trap and tried to get out of it, but had a feeling of impotence and therefore comes back.

The heroine of the new collection of Marc Jacobs inherent deliberate negligence - it can gather in a room in a hurry and run out of it in one only nightgown or pajamas, throwing a light top coat and taking with him a fur handbag. But even so, in a fur coat and underwear, cashmere body or coat over his naked body, it looks attractive. By the way, with the ironic sharp-nosed shoes with low heels finished - in the new season of the client Louis Vuitton once again move to open sandals with thin straps and high heels. The leader of all lovers become Kate Moss, which was held in a circle in splendid isolation, showing translucent dress on the floor with floral embroidery and a complete lack of decorations.

With the theme of liberating woman secret ties Marc Jacobs this season ahead of Burberry Prorsum designer Christopher Bailey. Fashion Week in London, he showed a collection dedicated to "Profumo Case" - to the largest scandal in the UK in the 60s. As told reporters Telegraph Lisa Armstrong, nowadays all sold well, and therefore problems with the sales were no signs of any one or the other. Only here the audience award, we still we return by Marc Jacobs - for straightness, not hidden behind boring British trench coats and pragmatic flat shoes. And yet - for a brilliant sense of humor: he, like his model, came to pay homage to the colorful pajamas with drawings made for him by British artists Jake and Dinos Chapman. That's what we understand - Conceptual!


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