Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock in a recent interview, paid tribute to the imagination, kindness and inspiration directed by Alfonso Cuaron. She also told me what a joke played with her director, "Gravity", using its three-year son Louis right on the set.

Bullock also a little joking with the press, saying that now her son Luis, may take many years of treatment, after he saw his mother on the set dressed as an astronaut trapped in a booth space station ktomu suspended to simulate the lack of power gravity.

"My child decided that I'm floating in the air in a terrible costume!" - Said Bullock.

Actress on the set for hours was in a bulky suit astronaut, locked in a tight booth. In the earphone she heard Alfonso offered her a little rest after a tense scene.

"Alfonso on the set of controls you not only as an actor but also as a person - says Bullock - He always knew when my strength is running out, so urgently needs to take a break for a cup of latte. But I reminded him that hung in the air and I can not get out of the box, so that latte is not a good idea. »

Instead please Sandra drink Cuaron brought his to the window of her young son.

"The next thing I saw was the face of my dear boy in a small window box. His face contorted grimace of terror by strange-looking mother, tied in a terrible car, dress, which looked like a marshmallow. »

Now the actress remembers joking about it, but at the moment it is seriously worried, not too scared whether Louis.

"But Alfonso wanted the best. He wanted to entertain us. "- Finally said the star of" Gravity ».

Recall that in 2010, Sandra Bullock adopted Louis Bardo received after her divorce from Jesse James full operku of the child.

Cuaron's film "Gravity" with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney starring version of magazines «Empire» and «Time» is considered to be the best film of 2013. Actress nominated for an "Oscar" for his role as an astronaut Ryan Stone.


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