Strange business (14 photos)

Strange work with the man, but he likes it, the main thing brings a good income. So, let's see what he still engaged and still so happy.

This work can not be called easy. Hours, diving, at the bottom of ponds, where the water is full of pesticides, and the visibility is almost always zero. Risking tangled in seaweed or anything worse than not being able to even look at the gauge diving. Periodically confronted with snakes, alligators and turtles biting. So earn their bread and butter courageous miners "white gold" - drowned golf balls. Generally, golf balls - it Consumable and are inexpensive. But you want to be made and lost a lot of consumables so that the balls used around the resale business has developed into hundreds of millions of dollars. Specialized companies return their marketability and sold several times cheaper than new, but still for the money. Chance to start ad-life is only balls caught in water traps, from which players they certainly can not get it. But divers fished from 2500 to 5000 for the change. Acceptance inspector pay 8-10 cents per share, which is ... well, in general, from 30 to 100 thousand dollars per year per diver. Not bad. Only one thing is more clouded their lives. It is not difficult (for such money can bear) and danger (yes, there are, as the sink, though infrequently), and poachers to catch the ball coming out at night. The damage they cause is very significant, but the guys still know that the lives of their sin to complain. Yes, they do not complain. Only do not like to play golf.


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