Moscow railway layout (23 pics + 1 video)

Moscow is the largest active railroad layout that is similar to the children's room.
There can be stored for hours and still miss some detail, because thousands of them here.
122 traffic lights, 16 locomotives, 119 coaches, 2017 figures of people.


Here you can find models of all trains, including modern "Sapsan", "Allegro" and "Swallow" - this model will carry tourists during the Olympic Games in Sochi.

Here you can see models and dioramas of bridges and tunnels.

The most interesting - it is possible to try yourself as a driver on a special simulator.

Combined bridge across the Amur River near Khabarovsk.

A steam locomotive - Soviet mainline freight locomotive, developed at the end of the Second World War.

Trehdizelny locomotive CHME3 IVF.

A replica of the modern Ladoga station in St. Petersburg.

A copy of Solikamsk church complex.


A two-storey passenger car.

Entrance fee is 80 rubles. The exposition is located in the right wing of the Riga station.



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