REMARKABLE CEM lesson from starring Will Smith


1. Be not realistic.

"What is the meaning of realism? Edison was not a realist ... ".

All great, once was not created realistic. If the world were among the realists, we still would live in dark caves, without transport, communications, without all the innovations in science and technology. So what is the lesson? Do not be realistic to the fullest. Install the big, bold goals that may even frighten you. Go beyond your limits, you are capable of much more than allow themselves to achieve.

2. Be purposeful.

"Plan" B "only distract you from the plan" A "."

Focus on your goals, and eliminate everything else. Dissipating its focus on a few basic tasks simultaneously, you miss your chances of success, the same is the reason for the failure of most people. If your focus is stable, and if you direct your efforts on your core mission and goal, you will succeed. Purposefulness critical. It is not necessary to spill over trifles.

3. Try to be great.

"I try to be like great men who ever lived."

People who tend to be average and mediocre, can never achieve greatness. To be great you have to strive for greatness. You must be committed to helping the vast number of people. Why do you need to be simple, the average person, if you are able to achieve unprecedented greatness? Why do you need to live like other people and dissipate their time on nonsense, if you can pull yourself together and climb the highest peaks of fame and success.

4. Look inside your mind.

"In my mind I've always been a Hollywood superstar. I just did not know. "

If you can not see this, you can not have it. You should see in your mind what you want to achieve before it becomes a reality. You must be convinced of its success. You have to live in your new house, a new car to drive it and see the amazing wife in his mind, before it becomes a reality. Comprehensive information about the power of thought can be found on our website.

5. Have faith.

"If it was something which I really would have been betrayed, I do not think anything would stop me from taking office, the President of the United States."

You have to believe in your abilities, before something happens. You can not successfully participate in the presidential election, if you think that does not deserve to be president. And this applies to any achievements. You have to believe in their abilities and must be brought to its goal to success occurred with you. You must be the first member of his fan club.

6. Ask why "no"?

"Each of us is ignorant, only in different areas of knowledge."

Most people overestimate the ability of other people, and underestimate their own abilities. Do not put other people on the podium, while you consider yourself a slight man. You have to ask yourself, "Why not me, why not now?". Has anyone ever could be better than you, unless someone can be more worthy? Of course, in different areas of our lives we are all ignorant, but there are areas of life where we can be geniuses area boundless creativity.

7. COOL forward.

"Throughout life people will drive you crazy, to treat you with contempt and treat you badly. Allow God to resolve the issue of what they do, because the hatred in your heart will eat you up inside. "

Always be ready to forgive and move on, understand that people who criticize you need the most love. Press forward when you are faced with the negative side of people, do not let thoughts of hate to get into your mind and your heart to absorb!


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