She's Out of My League (She's Out of My League)

All in fact may not be steep and strong guys. Well, if you're just a nice guy, but you do not have the courage to communicate with the girls? This greatly complicates life. But it should also, and once you get lucky. And Kirk (Jay Baruchel), finally it happened. Molly (Alice Eve) entered his life suddenly, without giving time to recover, without doubt and fear. What does it mean - "She's not the guy for you!". No one can know this, except the lovers. Overcoming shyness and confusion, Kirk is gradually gaining self-confidence, along with the love of a beautiful girl, Molly.

She's Out of My League (She's Out of My League), US
Director: Jim Field Smith
Starring: Jay Baruchel, Alice Eve, Krysten Ritter, and others.
Produced by: George Geytins Eric L. Gold, David B. Hauskholter
Operator: Jim Deno
Writers: Sean Anders, John Morris
Composer: Michael Andrews
Premiere (World): March 11, 2010
Premiere (RF): April 1, 2010

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About the film:
When producers Jimmy Miller, David Hauskholter George Geytins started work on the movie "She's Out of My League," they agreed on the fact that the film's success will depend primarily on whether they can catch the correct intonation and show heroes who want to believe. The creators have tried to create a parody, but living people, whose fate is not indifferent to the audience. First of all, the producers found a director who shared their vision. "We saw a short film of a young British author sketches and commercials named Jim Field Smith - says Geytins. - At the time Jim had ever shoot a full-length movie, but it was felt clear makings of comedy. "

Field Smith was in London, where he lived and worked when he was suddenly called his agent in Los Angeles. Jim liked the script and the next flight, he went to Los Angeles to meet with the producers.
Field Smith sensed that screenwriters Sean Anders and Tim Morris managed to grab something universal, familiar to many people. "The solid foundation of the plot and characters are great! - Admires director. - I've read the script very formulaic comedies, and I always thought, "All this, of course, great, but I have serious doubts that it is I have to make this a reality." It could get another story from the series "Beauty and boots," but we have a versatile comedic layer hides much deeper, allowing us to remove the naughty scenes realistically and, hopefully, funny ».
"This is exactly the kind of comedy that I like - continues the director. - I want to see a movie in the living people who have to go through an ordeal, because I'm interested to simulate how I would have behaved himself in a similar situation. It's funny, when someone slips on a banana peel, but much funnier when slipped, he was lying on the floor, his phone rings and she tells him, "it's all over between us." For me it's a thousand times funnier as the hero has to rise from the ground and in the literal and metaphorical sense ».
The main character, Kirk Kettner, works as a security guard at the airport, but always dreamed of becoming a pilot. These works are similar, so to speak, in space, but that the concerns of status and honor, a huge gap between them. "Kirk is waiting for a happy occasion, but he himself did not have enough motivation to somehow reverse the situation - says Field Smith. - This situation is typical for many young people ».
"To oversimplify, we can say that the film is about how the" girl of his dreams "hero gave confidence and taught not to look at others," - says the director. However, Molly finds Kirk that she, as it turns out, it was necessary: ​​thanks to him, she begins to see the problems and errors. It is also important as it looks, and that it will think about her friends. "Everything is going wrong only when the heroes find it necessary to listen to the voices in his disastrous to the head, as well as to the opinions of relatives and friends," - concludes the director.
One of his friends Kirk Zassyki, there is a romantic building scale calculations (not the most reliable, it must be said). According to her Molly solid dozen, which means that it has no weaknesses. If you believe the calculations Zassyki, Kirk's five points, which is why Molly is far beyond the permissible two-point gap. "Personally, I would never have to assess women by means of numbers, - he says Zassyku played TJ Miller. - I have my own technique. In my opinion, every woman should attribute to their own code consisting of letters and numbers. There are, for example, women 849B ».

Choose actors for 30 roles "with the words" and to find 9 main characters for the film - not an easy task even for an experienced director, not to mention the opener Field, Smith. Fortunately, referring to his experience in improvisational comedy and sketches, he was able to find like-minded actors. "We have a truly collective work, - said the director. Of course, the main characters - Kirk and Molly. However, the humor in the film are mainly responsible friends Kirk and his family is crazy, and the dialogues are very important. To remove a movie you need to have at their disposal a whole group of artists who easily interact with each other, and they do live, and laid the exchange of remarks. " Thus, among the experienced comedians turned actors, with excellent know how to improvise, veterans of sitcoms and just gifted newcomers making their first steps in the entertainment industry. "We were very lucky with the actors," - said Geytins.
And producer, and director agree that Jay Baruchel was absolutely necessary component of the ensemble cast. In a sense, he is Kirk. Conversely, Kirk - this is it. "Appearance and behavior Jay could not be better suited for our painting. He has a funny way of communicating and the longest hands I've ever seen, so when he is shaking hands three meters away from the man. In general, we inserted into the film quite a lot of his own eccentricities. " "In addition, he is a very charming guy - continues Field Smith. - The audience all my heart is sick of it and wants to have everything worked out with Molly ».
Baruchel himself felt in his character a soul mate. "Kirk - this is the most that neither is the average guy - says the actor. - It would be easy to go the way of stereotypes and make it a botanist. However, Kirk comfortable in his place; he has no ambitions of Napoleon - he is happy that he has. I think this is one of the features that attracted him, Molly. However, when she begins to flirt with him, it makes his life a whole heap of new ideas and experiences. The guy who lived in harmony with themselves, suddenly becomes insecure paranoid ».
Despite the similarities to Kirk, Baruchel says that he had to show remarkable acting ability. "I had all day to kiss Alice Eve! - He complains. - The work, by the way, is not simple, though of course it could be worse. But in general it was quite embarrassing: I never had to kiss his girlfriend in front of friends, and in the film I did in the sight of 150 people! »
Yves, who played before this some serious dramatic roles, welcomed the opportunity to star in a comedy. She was flattered that she was entrusted to bring to the screen the perfect woman, but at the same time, she said she had never felt such tension. Parents Molly played real parents Eve, English actors.
TJ Miller, Nate Torrence and Mike Vogel play Kirk's friends who offer him sometimes very questionable coaching in the field of romance. At the same time, if they are for the main character a sort of foster family, his real family - is, according to the director, "the real monsters that are constantly mocking him mentally and physically. The brother beats him all the time, and his father humiliated. One of my favorite line in the movie - when Kirk says Molly, "I am going to go to college, but instead bought a pool dad." I think it is the whole life of Kirk. "
Lindsay Sloane played Kirk's ex-girlfriend, Marnie, in which he plows, while on the horizon there was Molly. "Marnie was the most beautiful woman" in the region ", and then decided that the whole world is also true. Of course, what could be sexier than a poisonous pink lips and a wide bouffant! »
I should add that all the actors have unanimously praised director Jim Field Smith, noting his professionalism and composure, an innate flair for comic situations and the ability to trust his actors.

On the set:
Looking for a city that can be a perfect backdrop for the film, its creators made a list of the main wishes: there had to be spectacular romantic views, hockey team of NHL, and is probably the most important thing - the airport at which it would be possible to conduct long shot "First we searched the airport - says Field Smith. - This is one of the key locations for the development of the plot. However, finding the airport where we could shoot in the required mode - a problem almost unreal. Simply build a proper scenery. " Finding places to shoot members of the crew were in Pittsburgh International Airport.

After seeing his opportunity, they concluded that the restrictions on time and access makes shooting there impossible. "We were able to shoot in some areas between two and three nights, in some - five in the morning, but only one camera - says Field Smith. - When we were about to go back, someone mentioned premises which have not been used, and invited us to watch it. We were supposed to fly, but then decided, why not? "" Then they opened a small door, which turned out to be half of the airport - completely empty! - Continues the director. - Through the glass was visible planes, all signs were in place, and even travelyatory worked. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for us, reducing the number of flights has forced them to close a terminal of the airport, and we were able to shoot there, having unlimited access to the entire room. That was exactly the case when we opened the door, flipped the switch and see the finished decoration. I felt as if in a fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland"! ". But despite the opportunity to dispose of the solid part of the airport security requirements for the cast and crew it was very hard. "To enter into the current airport and leave it represented a considerable challenge in terms of logistics - says George Geytins. - Every day has been arranged as if we were going to get on a plane. We had to pass through metal detectors to remove their shoes and belts. There was a huge number of regulations - what you can do, and what not. We were guests of the airport, so I try to behave so as not to abuse the hospitality and not to cause additional inconvenience to our hosts. " People from the crowd did not have to take anything that is against the rules of conventional flights at airports - even food and water. "And, of course, no weapons and knives, - says Field Smith.
The second key point in the list is the establishment of cooperation with a professional hockey team. Producer Jimmy Miller, a Pittsburgh native, in his youth worked as ushers in the "Mellon Arena". "Jim still has a subscription to the game," Pittsburgh Penguins ", and one of his buddies at college - the vice-president of the club - said Geytins. - They let us all that we asked for. They gave us the best places and allowed to shoot straight during the match ».

Briton to the bone Field Smith was not easy to grasp the essence of the popular North American sport. "I am an Englishman, and about hockey, I did not know nothing - says the director. - During pre-production, I visited four games, to understand how they should be removed. The first night of filming, we were shooting on the front row, next to the ice. I must say, it was a real baptism of fire! ".
The first day of shooting the film "She's Out of My League" was right on the day of the match at the "Mellon Arena". "In essence, we had 18,000 people crowd - says Field Smith. - Fans of "Penguins" showed a lot of patience in relation to members of the crew, who are always moving around the ice arena. We had to change the film every ten minutes, and the residents of Pittsburgh passed it through the ranks, like hot dogs ».
Many viewers will surely be surprised by the beauty of the "Steel Capital". The town, situated at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela forming Ohio, boasts numerous bridges and impressive outlines of skyscrapers, serving excellent natural scenery. The filmmakers travel all over the city in search of locations for filming, including the famous Andy Warhol Museum and Mount Washington, which offers "the best view of the city," according to the magazine USA Weekend. "Started filming, we did not know how much is fraught with the city - says Field Smith. - Arriving in Pittsburgh, we started to customize the plot by the local scenery. The scene with Kirk and Molly on Mount Washington, overlooking the city in the background - it's fantastic! »

In the end, the director found in Pittsburgh all that was required for a picture, and wanted very, very much. "This is a large-scale film in terms of the number of people involved in the shooting and lokeyshenov. It seems that for each episode needed hundreds of extras - says the director. - We rented a double, and then ten minutes was spent on that to assign 300 places. I had the impression as if I was given huge play toy - all these thousands of extras, planes, cars, etc. That's really what the explosion we had! "At the end of filming Field Smith was satisfied that he managed to make a film that he conceived. "When I first read the script, many scenes just mentally drawn in the head, - he said. - Of course, often have to make compromises, but, fortunately, I was able to remove the whole picture is very close to the one originally planned. "


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