Recipes for success, which everyone knows, but few apply

1. Do not run after money, power and status. Of course, it's great when it's all you have. But do not constantly think only of income and social status - have yet to live.

2. Spend as much time as necessary, that the most important to you. Personal success in our consciousness and not measured in money, Pontus and the crowd's attention. Often a person all the time spent on the construction of a career, starting a business, earning a lot of money, and that's really important, and I want to enjoy that there is no time. Many are aware of it too late.

3. Do not make your choice based on the opinions of others. This is not about to ignore any statements of others - I say that we must listen to them, but to make their own decisions.

4. Stay true to yourself. This means that you should always do what really matters to you.
Think not only about money. Yes, it is realistic to do something that you are not significant, just for the sake of money. But does that make sense? If you care only money - maybe yes, that makes sense. Working on something important to you always gives a rush of vitality. But the choice is yours.

5. Be infinitely greedy - to knowledge. You are unlikely to cram his creation of information and ideas - good brains will never be superfluous. And it is not necessary to spend money on expensive training - self-education can make you a genius.

6. Make friends with setbacks. You definitely will fail from time to time - and the more failures than the more ambitious your goals. People who never lose, just play it safe and never set themselves ambitious goals. The failure can be friends, receiving from them valuable lessons - and it is a recipe for rapid success.

7. Do not repeat their mistakes. If you make a mistake twice, which means that from the first failure, you have not learned the lessons she has taught you nothing. Committing new errors means movement. Loser - who constantly makes the same mistakes headway.

8. Most communicate with the right people. This is not necessarily rich and influential personality: it is necessary to spend more time with those with whom you can learn a lot, enjoying life. These are people who do what they love and love what they do. Look for them everywhere, listen to them.

9. Throw all that is contrary to the principles listed above. So abstain from any activity that does not bring you closer to your values, teaches nothing, just burns through time. And even more so, stop to talk with people who are pulling you back. Sometimes have to be ruthless. But each of us has only one life.


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