Inscribed in the passbook

Resident Karymskii area Trans-Baikal Territory faces 6 years in prison for what she forged handwriting and signature operatsionistki inscribed in a passbook million rubles and tried to get the money, reported Jan. 13 online prosecutors Karymskii area. In June 2013, she opened one of the offices of Sberbank of Russia in the amount of the contribution of ten rubles. She has been given a passbook, where female operator made a handwritten note on the introduction of investor money. At home she decided to turn the bank fraud. Ballpoint pen, handwriting imitating teller, she has made in the column "coming" passbook new record - 1 000 000, to make sure it is a fake signature of a bank employee.
After she went to withdraw money from the savings account. When a client bank employees responded that its current account is no such amount is a scandal. Then the name of the manager filed a formal complaint, which demanded the immediate return it to one million rubles. Bank employees were willing to promise to check whether there was really any fault in a computer program.
However, the performance was interrupted by the appearance of the very woman-operator, by hand which were allegedly made entries in the passbook. Cheating immediately opened and the girl in the whole confessed. She told the investigator that did not know about the existence of intra-protective software, and since she is no higher education and legal knowledge, mistakenly counted on the fact that there will be responsible for their actions ...



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