Where can I hide a million dollars in cash

The films are often shown as one million dollars in cash to easily fit into a suitcase. In fact,
there is not anything fantastic - in case he is fit, if tightly packed bill. One young couple
It has exchanged $ 10 000 for 1 dollar banknote and experiment, where you can hide a million bucks.
According to the thickness of the bill 1 and $ 100 are the same, so the experiment can be considered fully pradopodobnym.

Each package of banknotes in 1000, ie the equivalent of 100 000 dollars.

It fits on the shelf with DVD.

If $ 1 million was issued banknotes in denominations of 5 and 10, it would be a pile of more than 10-20 times.

In a plastic bag from the supermarket barely fit 800 thousand dollars, and the package when it is better not to raise.

The microwave can shove.

Nintendo Game Cube is the size of two packs of 1000 banknotes.

For comparison - the densely packed bill.

Free stack.

In the washing machine 2, 5 million would be entered exactly.

In the fridge - all 5.

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