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The most popular, and therefore, perhaps the most honest American Award «People's Choice Awards» has died down in Los Angeles January 8. Passed it is not the first, nor the last, and in the fortieth time! During these 40 years, America has had thousands of pets, but only the last 20 years or so voters can fully enjoy the joy on the faces of their favorites. Thanks already become notorious and such necessary fotobudke which, like a grand piano in the bushes behind the curtain of exhibition events and captures the most pleasant moments, make it easier than pereschelkivat from the image on the picture to find the right. Some boast a new "trinket", while others shrug that, well, we were not given a statuette - but all equally happy with a celebration of life occurred.

A couple of years ago, when Ian Somerhalder even starred in the TV series "Lost" (due to the new role of his partner-stars Josh Holloway this 6-sezonku remembered again), he probably could not have imagined that when- it will receive such a number of awards and enjoyed such a spectator love. By the time it is clearly overshadowed by the main characters, but by learning to cool grin and "strip view" literally every Ian landed a role in "The Vampire Diaries" and became the star of the US, but predominantly teenage, TV. In the «People's Choice Awards» actor cut off two awards - "Best Actor fiction genre" and "Best On-Screen Chemistry: Damon and Elena».

Zac Efron and his colleagues in the comedy "That Awkward Moment" Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan had to remind of their existence in this cruel world of show business. Before Zack led all ratings now all shifted to Jena ... what is the reason, girls? Zach is not good enough, or just do not have it listed because "not a vampire»?

Nina Dobrev, received the award for "Best On-Screen Chemistry", publicly, straight from the scene, said that they parted with Ian. The poor girl probably got before with this novel, she could not resist the intrigue and pull a couple of months and I could not. By the way, there are faring ratings "DV»?

Improved female-American version Andrey Malakhov - Ellen DeGeneres - received the award for "Favorite TV presenter." A brilliant sense of humor helps her keep not only his own show, and dispose of his directors "Oscar" (this year again, Ellen will lead the ceremony).

Jennifer Hudson did not accidentally put a snow-white dress. The pure color dress the actress received the award for charity work with the cleanest creatures in the world - children.

Queen Latifah has become "the best TV presenter of a new talk show." Unfortunately, the actor's work, she abandoned.

Super stylish star of the series "Girls" ("Girls") Allison Williams sends each and every one of his kiss. By the way, Allison girlfriend, Katy Perry, took the award for himself and for "that guy" in the categories "best video" and "Best Song" (all this «Roar»).

Sarah Michelle Gellar - "favorite actress of the new television series».

Kat Denning and Beth Bers.

Norman Reedus presented his appearance "Favorite drama series on cable television" - "The Walking Dead».

Malin Akerman modest pose and left with nothing.

"The best TV drama" - "The Good Wife." Actress statuette won the first plan Julianna Margulies (look like "Oscar" was given).

"Best Actor of the new show" ("ancient") - Joseph Morgan and "Favorite Cable TV actress" ("Pretty Little Liars") - Lucy Hale were in the same time in the same cabin by accident.

The main heroine of the best comedy film of the year ("The Heat"), Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy friendly and off the screen.

"Motherhood is very much brought us closer together. However, the same story can be traced to the things that are not related to our children: the construction or renovation of the house ... We are kindred spirits in such matters »

Triumph, at the «People's Choice Awards» had created just the same fragile Sandra Bullock. The actress took 6 awards, due to the "Gravity" and "cops in skirts».

Best fantasy and the best in comedy exchanged pleasantries.

Best Comedy Series - "The Big Bang Theory»

They say that Heidi Klum is waiting for a fifth child, but while I would not say that this is such a reliable information. The figure was a year ago - and has remained so.

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