Out of a sense of contradiction

Right-hand traffic on our ball prevails. 66% of the population enjoys the right-hand traffic. The rest - the left. By country even greater advantage - 72/28%.
But the left-hand - a more natural with the historical and physiological perspective. The ancient Romans used levostoronkoy. On odgom of denarii is clearly a species. Logical. Approximately 80% of right-handed sword in the right, you need to go to "shock" hand "out" in relation to a counter-rider.
And, perhaps, would have continued and we all went to the left side, if not for one "but».
The first law regulating which side of the road need to travel, was published in 1756 in England. And they were fined for violating the right robust design - a pound of silver. And the first "piece of iron" Manchester - Liverpool was also left-handed. In their colonies, the British, of course, also approved the drive on the left. Even managed to persuade the Japanese to the appropriateness of this act. Even in the United States was initially levostoronka.
But then it all went "to the contrary." And was just nasty England. Americans persuaded to go to the "right side" of a French General Lafayette, Marie-Joseph, who made a significant contribution to the struggle for independence from the British Crown.
Well, and Europe with the filing of the same France was ready at that time to create anything, anyhow it was Britons across the neck.
Here we go and since the right side. Out of a sense of contradiction. By the way, there are in our country piece drive on the left - in Odessa - in High Lane.


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