American leather postcards century ago (7 photos)

valera_kolpakov writes:
My assistant unearthed in the attic card more than a century ago, that her great-grandfather sent e great-grandmother. A fun feature of the cards that allowed them to survive well, what they are made of leather! Prapraroditel was a railway worker, traveling the country and sent greetings to his wife.

At the same time on the leather surface of the well written and staged ink printing.

Stamps, however, were made of paper. Portrait of Washington, 2 cents the price of the brand, the date - October 20, 1905.

August 11, 1906. Cote said the dog: «How dare you?» (How dare you?) - Apparently a play on words, instead of the traditional greeting «How are you?»

«Maude with her little Bear behind» - Moudi with her little teddy bear behind. Again, apparently a play on words, since this phrase is pronounced the same as «Maude with her little bare behind» - Moudi with his little bare ass.


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