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Handwriting examination of the limitations of writing a document necessary to establish the date the document was created. This examination is the most popular of all other types of research since the last time the courts give a large number of bogus, forged documents — contracts, agreements, agreements, certificates, powers of attorney. The study document of the experts in handwriting-examination of the company MCAO reveal a mismatch between the date specified in the document and the document creation time, and on the basis of this handwriting examination of the limitations of writing provide a conclusion on the forgery. If you need
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and all the work on handwriting examination will be carried out efficiently and in the shortest possible time.

The basis of the examination of limitations of this writing are physico-chemical methods, so it refers to the technical examination of documents, is one of the species. But despite this, it is highlighted in a separate research as it has a number of differences in the laboratory analyses.

Often in the course of the trial, the parties offer as evidence documents that define their relationship at the time of the offense. But there is a high probability that the documents can be falsified in the course of the proceedings before the court, after a lawsuit was filed or the case was referred to court. Any contract can be changed after they are signed. This is especially relevant if one of the parties has lost their copy of the contract. For example, in case of loss of one of the spouses a copy of the marriage contract, the other spouse can retroactively make changes that are not very profitable for the initial conditions. In such cases, turn to a handwriting examination of the limitations of document creation, with the aim to establish the truth.

Experts on handwriting expertise, MCAO examine the limitations of the document in two ways. The first direction is the study of limitations of creating the entire document. The expert determines in which time was made the instance provided in the study. For example, not earlier or not later than such year. In the second direction is the examination of limitations of document establishes the relative remoteness of certain parts of one document. In case of any suspicions that the signature on the document was delivered to sooner or later create the main text or in the document have been amended, added or deleted text, after its certification, is assigned to this examination.
Handwriting examination ago document may be designated by the investigator, any interested person, party or representative trial.


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