Scandalous photos

Do you think this is another post about the "scoop"? So in the pictures - England, tourists and citizens on the beach of New Brighton and around. At the time these photos English photographer Martin Parr angered the British public and a revolution in social photography. He was charged by the British establishment of the fact that instead of the "right of documentary scenes" (staged through painting, showing the alleged prosperous West), Martin began to remove what was in reality. He refused to even consider a photographer (in England with this strict - there is an official Union of Photographers, and if you are not accepted there, then you're nobody, respectively, and to call you all, and your pictures guano by definition).

Here's a he was - the real West. The tourists from the Soviet Union saw only sausage and clothes.

Ice cream parlor near the beach

This is called "Restaurant»




City beach

People sunbathing everywhere



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