About Russian mentality

When our army begin to compare with the US and other armies of the world, I am always reminded of a story that occurred during my service in the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany for nearly thirty years ago.
In the seventies, it was decided to arrange competitions friendly armies. I served in the artillery, and then one day I happened to be present at the championship, which was held between our part and fraternal German, which had armed with the same gun and tractors.

In addition to combined arms running around and shooting in the program included the following exercise: tractor, riding with the initial and drive 50 meters, must turn to the gun looked toward the enemy, payment slips off with a tractor, unhooks instrument uncovers, carries the supporting frame, leads to the goal, charges, producing shots that should hit the target. The ratio of all - 45 seconds. The turn to this exercise alone, so it will take turns to see who will - decided stopwatch. By lot, at first the Germans, then ours. Both units are present, rooting for her.
The stopwatch clicked. The Germans went. There are clearly zalyubueshsya. Tractor exhaust jumps to the position. The officer standing on the sidelines with binoculars in nothing interfering. Sergeant gives the command, the soldiers act as machines, frame spaced covers are removed, the shell in the barrel. Shot. The target is struck. 41 seconds. The Germans jubilation. 4 seconds statutory blocked! the result is excellent.
Now our. Truck crashes into position, gun nearly overturned at the turn, rises on one wheel, pondering a moment - to fall on its side or back into position. Carried - has fallen as it should. Calculation of the crowd running toward her. Sergeant distributes kicks, the officer grabbed the bed, dropped his binoculars, which was crushed in the confusion, math peremat, charging almost stumbled in the fall miraculously sent a projectile into the breech, a shot! The goal shocked. 17 seconds.

That's when I realized why the Germans lost the war. Do not they super-capable in an emergency situation. And we have a whole life - an extreme situation, and super-- norm of behavior in war. Stupidity generals are always offset by the heroism of the soldier. Do not provide food - so we are in peacetime, are used to it. Tanks broke? And we're under these tanks reconnaissance throw. There is no one in the exploration go? Scouts under the tanks were killed? Volunteers - two steps forward! Here such it Russian style of martial arts.

In what army in the world even as military affairs delivered? The Germans - Nation disciplined, fight like them. The Americans something which climb? enough to remember the rebellion of US Marines in Somalia. In combat operations have refused to go until their toilets do not deliver. Requirements rightly so. Field toilets of our type in the tropics - a straight road to the epidemic. And live like Americans. But imagine that the Russian Marines refused to go on a military operation, for any reason (not to mention a curious) I'm in a nightmare I can not. And I hope I shall not live to these times, when our soldiers and officers will be similar to the US. About generals is a special ...


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