Blue light instead of coffee

Scientists from the Swiss Mittuniversiteta conducted research and made a discovery: the blue light has an effect on the human brain, similar to caffeine. As one of the project leaders, Martin Bevan, blue should be applied in the workplace in order to increase the concentration are and increase efficiency.

Participated in the study volunteers were divided into groups and were tested:

First group perceived the white light and the placebo;

The second group was surrounded by white light and take a little caffeine;

Group 3 was illuminated with blue light and drank a placebo;

The fourth group was subjected to blue light and took a dose of caffeine.

Concentrating distinguished those people who were exposed to blue light and take nothing. Those who took more and caffeine found accuracy and the ability to make decisions.

Another pattern that scientists found was that the best effect of the blue was made to those who have blue eyes.

According to scientists, the results are not in doubt.
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