New Year in Moscow

It's no secret that many people in our country New Year is associated with Moscow, but rather with the chimes on the Kremlin's Spassky Tower. With the chimes we make a wish, bid farewell the old year and hope that next year will be more successful. Let's see how earlier celebrated New Year in Moscow.

Christmas tree in the Kremlin's St. George Hall, 1950-60.

The main Christmas tree of Moscow and the country is now in the Kremlin, as in the photo above, and the second-largest tree has always been in the Hall of Columns, near the current State Duma.

Column Hall of the House of Unions, in 1946

New Year celebration is in the form in which celebrate now, we must still Stalin. Before the revolution, as in other countries, in Russia, with Christmas tree and gifts to celebrate Christmas, which immediately banned the Soviet authorities, but only in 1935, before the new 1936 it was decided to again put the Christmas tree, make holidays for children to call Santa Claus and Snow White, but all were instructed to do so only on the secular New Year, we still are doing.

Therefore, the portrait of Stalin was elkah more than appropriate, and the new generation, who returned old holiday, could say with certainty:

And even so:

Still, the 1950s - the flourishing of art in the world. For functionalism and minimalism of the 1960s have not yet arrived, the materials were only natural, and illustrators to paint more. Some invitations to the main tree just zalyubueshsya:

Traditionally, the city hosts the New Year's Fair. Try to immediately identify this area:

It is difficult and present, but it's Arbat Square in 1959. In the background you can see the lobby m. Arbatskaya blue-line, which we continue to use now, but enter into it from the left side through the new building, and not through the original large entrance . The fact is that under Brezhnev lobby built around this huge complex of the Defense Ministry, and the lobby and Stalin stands in his courtyard, which is clearly visible on the satellite map.

Same Arbat Square on the eve of the new 1960

Itinerant trade "Children's World" - one more, probably most of the New Year Soviet space Moscow.

Arbat Square, 1959

And so in the late 1950s he looked very "Detsky Mir" on Lubyanka.



In those years, Muscovites, even the poor, tried to put in my house Christmas tree for the children decorate it with cardboard and glass toys, mushrooms, balls, tinsel, "beads", even multi-colored lights, a Christmas tree put Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, the children - his favorite toys, etc., and "crown" or spire crowned with a star. Hangs as candy, chocolate medals, tangerines.

Again, only the Hall of Columns in 1960

The most popular place for shopping, of course, the same Tverskaya:

Evening Moscow newspaper: "Few hours remain until the New Year. It should be a lot to get done: and visit the barber shop, and go to the store, and send a message of congratulations. In short, we must hurry. In the picture you see the Muscovites in the city center, on Gorky Street on the eve of the New 1961 ยป.

Gateway to the tree in the Kremlin, 1961

Sokolniki 1968

Christmas decoration "Children's World", 1970-71.

"Children's World" in the 1970s

Christmas tree in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses, in 1971

Tin chests Kremlin trees and still gathering dust in many apartments in the attic. Grandma liked to store them in a thread, buttons and other household stuff.

Christmas tree on Manezhnaya Square, 1977

Santa Claus in Yasenevo 1980

Department Moscow on Leninsky Prospekt, 1980

Happy New Year, friends!



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