As the Chinese fake eggs

At the time, I remember the information that the Chinese began to forge eggs (see., Eg, here). Of course, the Chinese can expect anything, but the eggs, this is the height of originality. So the other day I found a story on the Chinese Internet Chinese who worked in the office for the production of artificial eggs. He tells how they are doing and how it is beneficial.
According to the Chinese, the production technology of artificial eggs has reached such perfection that in appearance to distinguish them from the real thing is quite difficult.
These use the following components. Chemical terms give in Chinese, so not completely sure they are correct. For shell used calcium carbonate (碳酸钙), to the yolks and whites - potassium alginate (海藻酸钠), kalialyuminievye alum (明矾), gelatin (明胶), food calcium chloride (食用 氯化钙) and pigment (色素). < br />


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