Drinks from the USSR (35 photos)

The unique taste of childhood, real Soviet lemonade !!! Favorite lemonade "Pinocchio," soda "pear", "Barberry", "Cream Soda", "Tarragon", "Lemonade" - such relatives, childhood friends each drink, when you drink, the bubbles hit in the nose ...

Lemonade, soda, lemonade - which was delicious sparkling water as a child. In a dark green or yellow bottle. It looks like a beer: with the same label, and poured on the same brewery. Soda was poured in glasses for children for the holidays, for both adults wine. And one bottle cost 22 or 27 cents. And if you pass empties, then brought back to 12 cents per bottle. Crockery expensive drink! Later, in the 70s for the Olympics-80, he appeared "Baikal" - the type of drink is not available then the Pepsi-Cola. It was expensive, sold only in the capital, and has a rectangular sticker, as the wine. Today such beverages names also sold, but they are not natural syrups, and chemical flavorings.


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