Lessons from the success of Dale Carnegie, which everyone should know.

Part 1.

1. Inaction breeds fear.
"Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and talk. Come out of the house and start to act ".
 Take action today! If you have a good idea - try. Inaction breeds even more inaction and action generates an even greater effect. One thing I know for sure: if you want to succeed, you have to take action, so act now!

2. Leverage your time.
"Instead of worrying about what people say about you, why not use the time trying to do something, what would they admired".
Spend time thinking about how other people perceive you - it's a huge loss of precious time. Focus on how to create something special and people will admire you for sure.

3. Failure - a step to success.
"Learn from the mistakes. Disappointment and failure - these are two most important step to success ".
Often those who have suffered the greatest defeat also had the greatest victory. You must use the disappointment and failure as a tool that will take you from the pit to the palace.

4. We determine our happiness.
"Happiness does not depend on any external conditions; it is due to our psychological attitude ".
Happiness - it's a choice; it is not based on what is happening around us. It is based solely on what is happening within us. Happiness is based on the thoughts that we pay attention to the present moment.
Dale Carnegie said: "No matter what you have, who you are, where you are or what you do to be happy or unhappy. It is important that you think about it ".

5.Zapomnite, all you're doing is the message.
"There are only four ways of our contact with the world. We evaluate and classify all the four criteria: what we do, how we look, what we say and how we say ".
All you're doing is the message. The way you dress, what do hair styling includes a message to others. This somehow you want to express yourself, try something to convey to others.
For example, a beautiful slim figure says that you like sports, possess an active lifestyle, a supporter of a healthy lifestyle. Business suit can say that you - a businessman, enterprising man, appreciate the trust, etc.
It can also be used in the opposite direction. Repeat "copy" the behavior of successful people and themselves become so!

6.Delayte what you like.
"People will not be successful until you get pleasure from their activities".
If you want to be successful, do not do anything for money. Money does not provide enough motivation to overcome all obstacles on the path to success.
If you want to be successful, you spend your time doing something that brings pleasure. Then you will enjoy your success.

"A man who is ready to go on the other, as a rule, are brave and courageous".
You have to take risks! To be successful, you have to sometimes take the risk that may be in difficulty or fail.
Carnegie said: "We all have opportunities that we did not even suspect. We are able to do what we can not even dream of. " But if you ever decide to, you will never know their potential, their opportunities.


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