People often stupid and stubborn, self-centered and illogical.

Forgive them anyway.
If you are kind, people will accuse you to the fact that under the mask of kindness you hiding greed.
Still remain good.

If you succeeded, you will be surrounded by false friends and true enemies.
Still achieve success.

If you are honest and straight people will deceive you.
Anyway, be honest and direct.

What you build the years, someone will destroy overnight.
All the same system.

If you are calm and happy, you will be envied.
Still remain happy.

The good that you do today, people will forget tomorrow.
Still do good.

Give the world the best of what you have, and the world ask for more.
Still lend the best.

My friend, in the end, what you are doing, you should still not people.

It is necessary only to you and to God.

© Mother Teresa


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