Monument condensed milk

November 23 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of "Rogachev milk factory" in the city officially opened the world's only sculpture dedicated condensed milk.

Sculpture height of about four meters, which is a replica of the blue cans of condensed milk, performed in ancient mosaic technique of stained glass. Written work - muralist, an employee of the Belarusian State Academy of Arts Otchik Hleb, who won the competition of sketches.

"Mosaic glass - this is the first facility in Belarus, before the exterior, this technique has not been used anywhere. It is handmade, each piece of glass cut into and pick up by hand, so a composition was very time-consuming process, "- said Gleb Otchik.
At the base of the monument laid Time capsule that I will reveal to the 100th anniversary of the plant.



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